Dirichlet boundary condition in gmsh

Hi all, I want to define dirichlet boundary condition in my mesh file in gmsh and then use it in julia (not defining bc in julia just read them from mesh file). is there anyone who had experience in this field or any tutorials to help me?
thank you

You mark the desired boundaries in Gmsh with a tag, e.g. "DirichletEdges", and then use that to specify the boundary condition in Gridap. See e.g. this example.

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thank you. i read this but as you can see they only read tags and it seem that the value of boundary conditions are in mesh file. it is declared in source tag and also periodic boundary conditions. they have mentioned that
“Note that this mesh file already contains periodic boundary information for the left and right side, and that is enough for gridap to realize a periodic boundary condition should be implemented.”

i know how to add physical groups in gmsh but i dont know how to implement value on it for example a displacement on line in mesh file not in gridap.

Periodic boundary conditions are different. As far as Gridap is concerned, there is no boundary condition — in fact, there is no boundary. The mesh simply lives on a torus.

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