Dimensional Data: Using 2-dimensional lat,lon dims when defining a DimensionalArray?

While it is possible to create a DimensionalArray with 1d dims. For example

using DimensionalData
arr = rand(4,4)
x = rand(4);
y = rand(4);
z = 1:4
l = DimensionalArray(arr, (X(x), Y(y), Z(z)))

is there a way to create one using 2d dims

x = rand(4,4);
y = rand(4,4);
z = 1:4
l = DimensionalArray(arr, (X(x), Y(y), Z(z)))

While reading in netcdf files using wrf-python (which implements xarray), I noticed that the generated output can use 2d dims. This is because due to the fact that lat and lon values are represented as 2d arrays.

Since I am porting some of the functions from wrf-python (for my own project) I was wondering whether it is possible for DimesionalArrays to do the same?