DifferentialEquations and derivatives of solutions?

Suppose I use the DifferentialEquations.jl package and find a solution structure sol.

Is there a simple way to find the derivative of the various variables in sol? In other words: suppose I have 6 states in an ODE model, and want to plot the time derivative of state nr. 4?

I guess your differential equations are of the form dx_i/dt = f_i(x,t). Therefore, you can obtain the time derivative directly by evaluating the differential equations.

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You just add a second argument with the order of derivative you want:

julia> begin
           using DifferentialEquations
           f(u,p,t) = 1.1*u
           u0 = 1/2
           tspan = (0.0,1.0)
           prob = ODEProblem(f,u0,tspan)
           sol = solve(prob, Tsit5(), reltol=1e-10, abstol=1e-10)

julia> sol(1.0) # solution at t = 1.0

julia> sol(1.0, Val{1}) ) # First derivative of the solution at t = 1.0 

julia> 1.1 * sol(1.0) ≈ sol(1.0, Val{1}) # We know for this differential equation, that this should match the derivative for any t