DiffEqFlux.initial_params not defined

I want to run a PINN code on my GPU. I used to use the code below to run the code on my GPU and I also want to use QuasiRanodmTraining.

initθ = DiffEqFlux.initial_params(chain) |> gpu

I get the error below:

ERROR: UndefVarError: initial_params not defined

I had never had this problem before I reinstalled my Julia and its packages.
Any Idea how to solve this?
I don’t want to use GridTraining and Quadrature training since they take longer.

What tutorial are you looking at? That function hasn’t existed for a long time. Are you looking at the documentation here?


Yes, It was there way back then. What is its substitute>? I want to define a system of PDE in multi neural networks and I don’t want to use QuadratureTraining since it doesn’t run on GPU.

DiffEqFlux’s FastChain was replaced by the library Lux.jl which fully fledged out its explicit neural network form.


If you look at the NeuralPDE docs you’ll see all tutorials use Lux.