Diffeq_rd not found


Hi Chris,

When using

  [aae7a2af] DiffEqFlux v1.52.0
  [0c46a032] DifferentialEquations v7.6.0

I get an error: diffeq_rd not found, when running code found at URL: model-zoo/ode.jl at da4156b4a9fb0d5907dcb6e21d0e78c72b6122e0 · FluxML/model-zoo · GitHub

The function was probably deprecated. What is the proper use now?
(the function param is also not found`)

Thanks for any insights!


Just use solve. Nothing special is required. The official version of that example is:


BTW, I thought I removed these examples from the model zoo years ago (Remove from the model-zoo and point README to tutorials by ChrisRackauckas · Pull Request #237 · FluxML/model-zoo · GitHub). How did you find that old version? Is there some blog post with an old link?

Thank you, @ChrisRackauckas! I did go to a more recent site shortly after sending out the message. I do not recall how I got to the site, but almost for sure, it via a google search. Removing content is notoriously difficult. You also do not know whether somebody copied the page or not to some other site.


Well hopefully this Q&A will now show up in the Google search after someone finds that old code. Cheers!

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