Dictionary Issue when using MAT.jl

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Julia and I was trying to convert some MATLAB code to Julia. The code I am converting uses .MAT file ( a MATLAB file to store workspace variables). In order to load this .MAT file I am using MAT.jl.

I am able to read the .MAT file using MAT.jl however the key value pair I get after reading the file is not what I expected. I have attached the respective output I get when reading the key values pairs.

I am unable to access the respective values for the keys I am getting.
Any help in this matter would be appreciated, thanks.

values is probably not what you want. Try just accessing that field of the struct directly with index notation, i.e.


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Hi brenhinkeller,

Thanks for your quick response! I tried to access the dictionary using the square bracket notation, however when I enter the respective key in the square brackets I get this error:

I have also attached the structure of the dictionary if it helps (sorry if it is difficult to read, the cell output was very large hence I had to zoom out):

Thanks for your help again!

Ah, I’ve just noticed you’re using matopen (which I actually didn’t know existed). I’ve always used matread instead, which is what my advice above would apply to.

For reference, the built-in documentation (type ? at the REPL) is pretty good here:

help?> matread
search: matread matwrite

  matread(filename) -> Dict

  Return a dictionary of all the variables and values in a Matlab file, opening and
  closing it automatically.


help?> matopen
search: matopen

  matopen(filename [, mode]; compress = false) -> handle
  matopen(f::Function, filename [, mode]; compress = false) -> f(handle)

  Mode defaults to "r" for read. It can also be "w" for write, or "r+" for read or write
  without creation or truncation.

  Compression on reading is detected/handled automatically; the compress keyword
  argument only affects write operations.

  Use with read, write, close, keys, and haskey.
  read(matfile_handle, varname) -> value

  Read a variable from an opened Matlab file and return its value.

  See matopen and matread.

It worked when using matread, instead of matopen. I should have gone through the documentation better.
Thanks a lot for your help, I was stuck on this for way too long!

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Glad to help!