Dict with Float64 and Int keys of the same value?

d = Dict()
d[1.0] = "hello"
d[1] = "goodbye"
# ==> 
# Dict{Any,Any} with 1 entry:
#   1 => "goodbye

So 1.0 and 1 are treated as the same key. Although this behavior makes sense in some contexts, I wonder if there’s a way to have both keys with different values?


ObjectIdDict keys objects on === (i.e. identity).

Thanks, indeed this works Float64 vs Int case. But using ObjectIdDict also has an unfortunate side effect of not finding keys of other types:

d = ObjectIdDict()
d[1.0] = "hello"
d[1] = "goodbye"
# ObjectIdDict with 2 entries:
#  1   => "goodbye"
#  1.0 => "hello"
# good!

d["x"] = "bonjour"
# ERROR: KeyError: key "x" not found

Any other option that also preserves behavior for non-numeric types?

That is fixed on master since String is now officially an immutable type and "hello" === "hello" unlike on 0.6. On 0.5 (or otherwise), if you need some custom hybrid behavior, normalize the keys before inserting or looking up.

Thanks, using string(key) instead of actual key worked for me.

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