DFTK school 2022

Hi everyone!

From 29 to 31 Aug 2022 @antoine-levitt, Eric Cancès (from École des Ponts in Paris) and myself, we will organize an interdisciplinary summer school centred around electronic-structure simulations and methodological developments in density-functional theory (DFT) at Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

Our programme is intended for both researchers with a background in mathematics or computer science willing to be introduced to the numerical aspects of electronic-structure calculations, as well as physicists or chemists interested in modern software development methodologies and the mathematical background of DFT. Over the three days we will have a mixture of theory lectures introducing the theoretical and numerical background and hands-on coding sessions using Julia and our package DFTK.

See the school’s website https://school2022.dftk.org/ for more details and https://school2022.dftk.org/registration to register. The school is free of charge and there is limited funding to contribute towards local expenses of junior researchers.


would the lectures be made available on online platform like youtube later ?

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For sure we plan to make the material of the school available afterwards. However, whether lectures will be recorded has not yet been decided and depends a bit on the circumstances of the location (not all details are final yet). We are considering it, though.


Do you have any idea when the acceptance of applications will be sent ?

I just heard about this and missed the registration deadline, it would be cool if you could share some introductory material of the topics of the school for some of the interested people who won’t be able to attend

We are currently reviewing the candidate list. You can expect to hear from us by the end of the month.

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Indeed. We were planning to make the material available online on the school’s website. Also the response to the school was quite overwhelming and it was pretty tricky to select the candidates. It’s likely we will do the school again at some point.

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