] dev with private Github repository


I did

] dev https://femtotrader@github.com/femtotrader/MyPrivateRepository.jl

but it raises

ERROR: ArgumentError: invalid base 10 digit 'g' in "github"

is there a method to make a private repository a package available for development (ie without using git command in shell but directly with Julia)

Kind regards

] dev https://github.com/femtotrader/MyPrivateRepository.jl

I think this should work.

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You can use quotation marks to make the parser less inclined to dissect your URL,

pkg> dev "https://femtotrader@github.com/femtotrader/MyPrivateRepository.jl"

or the functional form to be precise in your request.

using Pkg
Pkg.develop(url = "https://femtotrader@github.com/femtotrader/MyPrivateRepository.jl")

Thanks @GunnarFarneback