]dev RayTraceEllipsoid pulls old version

So I wanted to do some work on my registered package RayTraceEllipsoid.jl, so I ]dev RayTraceEllipsoid and realized that this was an old version from before the update to v1.0. But if I look at master online then it’s all updated. If I git pull in .julia/dev/RayTraceEllipsoid then it gets updated to the correct most recent version.

Why is Pkg pulling an old commit? And how can I fix this issue?

There are tow possible scenarios:

  1. You already had the package in dev/RayTraceEllipsoid. If that is the case then Pkg will simply point to the code that is there (so this might be an old version). When this happens Pkg prints a message along the lines of
    [ Info: Path `dev/RayTraceEllipsoid` exists and looks like the correct package,
              using existing path instead of cloning
  2. You are hitting https://github.com/JuliaLang/Pkg.jl/issues/465 which you can probably fix by deleting .julia/clones.

Yap, it was solution #2 that fixed it for me.

Thanks you!