Detect_ambiguities; Skipping Base.active_repl; Stale exports?

I was just looking at some tests that use detect_ambiguities and notice it was printing

Skipping Base.active_repl
Skipping Base.active_repl_backend

Digging around a bit, I found that this is likely due to a stale export. Is that the case here?

This is showing up in

detect_ambiguities(AbstractTrees, Base, Core)

I can’t replicate this with v"1.2.0-DEV.309" and the latest AbstractTrees, I just get an array with 21 elements.

This is because Base.active_repl is only defined if the REPL is running.

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pkg> test AbstractTrees

count as running in the REPL? :sweat_smile:

Interesting. Yeah. I do not see this when running the command directly in the REPL, but it appears when running the test (from the REPL).

Here is the actual code (hasn’t been merged yet):

Interesting. I was running on v1.1 and it was empty :blush:


julia> Pkg.test("AbstractTrees")
   Testing AbstractTrees
 Resolving package versions...
Skipping Base.active_repl
Skipping Base.active_repl_backend
   Testing AbstractTrees tests passed

Pkg spins up a brand new, separate julia instance to run package tests (so that way your state in the REPL doesn’t affect the tests). Use include("AbstractTrees.jl/test/runtests.jl") (or whatever) to actually run the code in the same Julia session as your REPL.