Deprecated syntax Core.apply_type


I am fairly new to Julia. I’ve coded a relatively big (at least for me) piece of code, but I have the following error message that shows up when I run it

WARNING: deprecated syntax “y::Core.apply_type(Array,Float64,2)”.
Use “local y::Core.apply_type(Array,Float64,2)” instead.

It does not point to any line or anything, so I’m having a hard time locating the source of the warning.
Would anyone have any pointer/idea of what could be causing this ?


I guess this is unfortunate printing.
Are you having these somewhere in your source:

x::Matrix{Float64} # or Array{Float64, 2}
x = zeros(Float64, 2, 2)

That was it !
I had a
x::Array{Float64, 2}
declared somewhere in the code. I just removed it and it’s all good now :smiley:

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