Delete a JuMP model entirely


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Is there any way to delete a JuMP model after solving it? I have to call a function repeatedly to solve my problem but after the first call, I get the following error for every single variable in the model. Please let me know how can I solve this issue. Thanks in advance!

Warning: A variable or constraint named td is already attached to this model. If creating variables programmatically, use the anonymous variable syntax x = @variable(m, [1:N], ...).

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A JuMP model is a Julia object like anything else. It’s deleted by the garbage collector at some time after there are no more references to it (

It sounds like you want to pass a new model to the function on each call instead of reusing the same one.


Thanks for the response! It was useful.
I had already tried to delete variables by the same procedure but I couldn’t. Deleting the entire model works for me.

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