Defining variables in JuMP


I have a question about defining variables in JuMP, normally, the variables are defined as

@variable(model, testContinusVar)
@variable(model, testIntegerVar, Int)
@variable(model, testBinaryVar, Bin)

And what if I define variables as

testContinusVar = @variable(model, testContinusVar)
testIntegerVar = @variable(model, testIntegerVar, Int)
testBinaryVar = @variable(model, testBinaryVar, Bin)

Are the two defining ways the same? I’ve tested it in a small case, and it seems they are the same, while I’m not pretty sure from the bottom implementation method, so could anyone answer it?

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These are exactly the same.

Is this part of the documentation clear?

Or could I improve it?

yep, it’s not so clear. Maybe it can be improved by adding:

  • (Special) Named JuMP variables have the form @variable(model, x), which exactly equals x = @variable(model, x)

though the above is not a difference between the name that a variable is registered under and the String name used for printing.

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How’s this?

It looks better, thank you. @odow

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