Define_editor not found

According to the Julia documentation, define_editor should be available by default. On my mac, Julia 1.8.3, edit is found, while define_editor is not. As a result, I cannot use the @edit macro. Any insight is appreciated. Nobody appeared to have reported this error, so I am not sure what to do to fix this. Thanks.

This seems like a bug, it also does not work for me.

Mind opening an issue here: GitHub - JuliaLang/julia: The Julia Programming Language

Do you have a minimal example? It is available for me:

julia> using InteractiveUtils

julia> InteractiveUtils.define_editor
define_editor (generic function with 1 method)

Note that being in the documentation does NOT mean that the function is also exported. That’s also why the documentation specifies it as InteractiveUtils.define_editor, to make people aware that it is not exported.

Since this is meant for overloading to change behavior once and should not otherwise be called in code, not exporting this makes perfect sense. Internally this function is used e.g. in InteractiveUtils/src/editless.jl:152 for defining the default editors.

Thanks. I did not realize it was in InteractiveUtils.jl, especially since the edit command was available without starting up the module. Sorry about that. It works now.