Deepcopy command during debugging leads to error message


I got an error message during debugging when I step over a command, which makes a copy of an object of a mutable struct with the function deepcopy.

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching ccall_jl_set_nth_field_6c4adf90_7e15_11e9_17a8_a11fb0465f61(::Population.Pop, ::Int64, ::Int64)

The strange thing is: If I evaluate the expression for example in Jupyter or in the prompt, it will work. Does somebody have this issue, too?

I use pop_tmp = deepcopy(pop) to make the copy of the object.

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Looks like a bug in JuliaInterpreter ( Maybe post an issue there? Would be good if you could also include a minimal self contained example that fails like that.