Deep Reinforcement Learning Example that will build on Julia 1.0.1?

Hi, Can someone recommend a good Deep Reinforcement Learning example code that will build on Julia 1.0.1. I am looking for Actor-Critic, policy gradient or even deep q learning example that works so I can then start doing fun stuff knowing everything builds. I have tried the following without luck.

(Gym won’t build)

(mountain_car.jl example fails)

You could try running them with Julia 0.7 to see what deprecations need fixing, then fix those so they run on 1.0. Then make a Pull Request!

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I just updated CarloLucibello/DeepRLexamples.jl
for julia 1.0, please try it out.

You should also check out,
I’ve never used it but seems a really nice package.


Carlo, Thanks. I have working! And, thank you for helping to make the Julia community great!

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thanks! wish I could do much more for the community. Fortunately is plenty of brilliant people around here.

little caveat: the cpu implementation of convolutions in Knet is rather slow, you should experiment much better performances running the code on a gpu

Thanks Carlo. I just use the “Knet Array” type to get GPU to work right? I do have a fast GPU set up with NVIDIA.

yep, if you are using KnetArray the deep net is running on the gpu. Have fun!