Debugging Module


Appreciate guidance on whether I need to clear the workspace everytime I change my module and I need to rerun (including recompiling other modules like Gadfly):

using Gadfly
# using LastMain.Gadfly  # most times this can be used unless Julia crashes
reload("dlp.jl")  # this is my module I'm debugging
using dlp         #this is my module I'm debugging
o=dlp.Read(fName)   # call to module to debug


This doesn’t work; using and reload are incompatible (see the workflow tips). However, ClobberingReload.jl solves that.

using ClobberingReload
using dlp

... change dlp's source code


... changes took place, no need to call workspace()

BTW, quote your code in triple-backquote ( ` ) to make it look nicer on this forum.