DataInterpolations -- add information after interpolation function has been created?

With package DataInterpolations – is it possible to add data after I have created an interpolation function? Example:

u = [1,2,3,4,5]
t = [0,0.5,1,2,4]
f = ConstantInterpolation(u,t)

Suppose I pass function f to some function, and then want to add a data point to f when u and t are not available.

Question: Can I extract u and t from f, add the data point to the extracted u and t, and construct the new interpolation function?

Something like:

u,t = extract(f)
f = ConstantInterpolation(u,t)

[I looked for fieldnames in `f`, without success…]

Open an issue. There’s no way to do it right now.