DataFrames Adding Rows of Different Number of Cols

I’m interested in adding a row to a dataframe where the row may have a different number of columns / different columns than the existing data frame. I get the following error when I push a dictionary:
push!(mydataframe, mydict)
ArgumentError: row insertion with colsequal to:setequalrequiresrowto have the same number of elements as the number of columns indf.
I’m not sure how to change :setequal ?

mydict has most of the same keys as mydataframe has labeled columns. just some extra.

Consult the docs:

Functions · DataFrames.jl!

If row is a DataFrameRow, NamedTuple, AbstractDict, or Tables.AbstractRow then values in row are matched to columns in df based on names. The exact behavior depends on the cols argument value in the following way:

  • If cols == :setequal (this is the default) then row must contain exactly the same columns as df (but possibly in a different order).
  • If cols == :orderequal then row must contain the same columns in the same order (for AbstractDict this option requires that keys(row) matches propertynames(df) to allow for support of ordered dicts; however, if row is a Dict an error is thrown as it is an unordered collection).
  • If cols == :intersect then row may contain more columns than df, but all column names that are present in df must be present in row and only they are used to populate a new row in df.
  • If cols == :subset then the behavior is like for :intersect but if some column is missing in row then a missing value is pushed to df.
  • If cols == :union then columns missing in df that are present in row are added to df (using missing for existing rows) and a missing value is pushed to columns missing in row that are present in df.

beautiful thanks I can write:
push!(mydataframe, mydict, cols=:union)
for anyone reading this thread later.