Data Science Intern at Leuko. Must be a Massachusetts grad

We’re looking for a Data Science/ML/Image Processing intern to join our team at Leuko

Must be a graduate of a Massachusetts school to apply

About Leuko - |

Leuko, an MIT spin-out, is developing the world’s first non-invasive white blood cell monitoring device. White blood cell assessment is a first-line indicator for various medically relevant situations, ranging from cancer chemotherapy management to the detection of life-threatening infections worldwide. This test is currently invasive and not readily accessible - it requires patient travel, blood draws and laboratory infrastructure. This currently limits the frequency of monitoring, which puts patients’ health, and even lives, at risk. Leuko is re-imagining the way to perform these tests without extracting blood and in a portable device. Leuko’s vision is to empower patients and their loved ones and make their lives better and safer by providing them with broad and immediate access to blood testing. Our company has received multiple awards including 1st prizes at the Startup Worldcup and MassChallenge HealthTech.

About the position:

● Full-time position (40 hours/week)

● Start date: as soon as available


  1. Research and development of novel machine learning and computer vision algorithms for the product platform and to expand product capabilities
  2. Refine automated image analysis using both machine-learning-based and classical image-analysis approaches
  3. Develop training datasets and refine deep learning models for automated image analysis
  4. Work collaboratively with the rest of the algorithms and software research team
  5. Nurture a friendly and safe working environment

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We have another intern position open now for a data/database engineer role

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