Dash.jl slider doesn't display labels

I was messing around with dcc_slider and observed that labels are missing if the marks argument is constructed using an array of Floats, with zero as decimal (ex: 0.0:10.0). The labels are displayed fine if I use either an array of Ints or an array of Floats with decimals other than zero (ex: 0.5:0.5:10.5).
Any ideas why this is happening? Should I, and where should I file an issue?


using Dash, DashHtmlComponents, DashCoreComponents

# years = 0:10  # labels ok
years = 0.0:10.0 # labels missing
# years = 0.5:0.5:10.5 # labels ok

app = dash()

app.layout = html_div() do
        id = "slider1",
        min = minimum(years),
        max = maximum(years),
        marks = Dict([Symbol(v) => Symbol(v) for v in years]),
        value = minimum(years),
        step = nothing,

run_server(app, "", debug = true)

You should report it here with your MWE.

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