Dagger Blog Post Announcement

Hey everyone, I’m the maintainer of Dagger.jl. I’ve recently published a blog post on the JuliaParallel blog in response to a benchmark published by Julius Technologies, which shows how I optimized Dagger’s performance on the benchmark.

If you’re interested in Dagger’s internals, or want to read about how I investigate performance problems in Dagger’s scheduler, then please give it a read and let me know what you think!

Note: The numbers published in Julius’ benchmark have been updated in response to the improvements to Dagger, but the original numbers (pre-improvements) are in my response blog post for comparison!


As pointed out by @visr , the language around Dask’s dask.delayed being portrayed as a JIT mode is incorrect; it actually is the basis of Dagger’s delayed functionality, which executes in an AOT manner. A correction is awaiting review at Dagger Julius: Fix Dask JIT -> AOT by jpsamaroo · Pull Request #18 · JuliaParallel/juliaparallel.github.io · GitHub.