Cylinder contact detection

Is there a package that deals with contact search/contact detection?
I want to check for collision between two 3D cylinders, and there are a bunch of edge cases that are a bit tricky to code, so I was hoping there exist a package already.

Modia3D seems to have contact detection… anyone know if it has an API so I can simply call is_contact(cyl1, cyl2)?

This Intersection · Meshes.jl looks promissing, but not for cylinders…

Or this GitHub - janvorisek/SolidModeling.jl: Perform boolean operations on solids in Julia - union, intersection and subtraction

Meshes.jl seems promising indeed. It seems like they have an generic 3d collision detection alg, but it does not work for Cyliders…

using Meshes
c1 = Cylinder(1.0, Segment((0., 0., 0.), (1.,1.,1.)))
c2 = Cylinder(0.5, Segment((0.1, 0.1, 0.1), (1.,1.,1.)))
I = hasintersect(c1, c2)
ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching center(::Cylinder{Float64})
Closest candidates are:
  center(::Point) at ~/.julia/packages/Meshes/C9CHD/src/points.jl:152
  center(::Box) at ~/.julia/packages/Meshes/C9CHD/src/primitives/box.jl:34
  center(::Ball) at ~/.julia/packages/Meshes/C9CHD/src/primitives/ball.jl:23
 [1] centroid(g::Cylinder{Float64})
   @ Meshes ~/.julia/packages/Meshes/C9CHD/src/geometries.jl:41
 [2] hasintersect(g1::Cylinder{Float64}, g2::Cylinder{Float64})
   @ Meshes ~/.julia/packages/Meshes/C9CHD/src/intersections.jl:164

I think I will try to use a simplified polygon/hexahedron mesh instead of cylinders ( I dont need the collision to be super accurate). Still open for suggestion on other packages/algorithms however.