Custom flags to Jupyter

Is there a way to launch the notebook with custom flags to the Julia instance? I.e. without changing the kernel.json file. In particular, I’d like to pass --compilecache=no.

You could install your own kernel.json file?

IJulia could make this easier by adding an IJulia.addkernel(name, options...) function, I guess.


Something like that would be useful. Right now, you’ll have to launch workers as well as the master process with --compilecache=no when then add workers on a system that doesn’t share file system with the system where your master process is running. Having a custom kernel for that would probably be fine if it could be constructed as easily as you suggest.

I’ve just added this to the latest IJulia master. Now you can do

using IJulia
installkernel("Julia no-cache", "--compilecache=no")

to install a custom kernel that launches julia with the --compilecache=no option.

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Great. Thanks.