CSV file reading Arrays as String in CSVFiles.jl and CSV.jl

I am trying to read a CSV file that has a column of Arrays. While reading it via CSVFiles.jl and CSV.jl the column of arrays are loaded as String.

This is how that specific column values look like in the CSV File

That looks like a perfect use case for jsonlines Initial version of my first package: A JSON Lines reader

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At the moment the package assumes that the lines are json objects ("{…}") rather than json arrays ("[…]") but I can work on that

I think I found the solution.
Used the following code:

map(x->parse.(Int64,x),[split(chop(elements, head=1), ",") for elements in q_meta[:SubjectId] ])

where SubjectId is the column name and q_meta is the csv file loaded as a data frame.

Files with arrays similar to the first example on the JSONLines website can now be read using the readarrays(file) function. I plan to eventually merge this into the readfile function but I have to clean up the code first.
Check out: