CSV and Parsers PosLen Length Future Support

PosLen function in Parsers only supports up to 64-bit values per cell right? I’m thinking of storing model parameters as string in a cell and this exceeds the length allowed in Parsers.jl. Is there going to be future support for larger lengths? I am currently manually editing the utils.jl code in Parsers.jl to extend up to 128-bits by increasing the bit shifts needed to access the length part of the storage array. I know that for specific applications, speed is important so 64-bits is necessary, but is there a way to implement an option?

Yes, we’ll get better support eventually. I started working on it here. The tricky bit is figuring out the right user-facing interface in CSV.jl. It’s one of the issues I’d like to get figured out before we tag a 1.0 release.

Is it possible to add a nonessential keyword argument that specifies the size of the cells in the CSV.file function? I am not familiar with the software development in the Julia community, and I only started a few months ago. My apologies if this appears to be a dumb question.

Yeah, we’ll probably end up doing something like that. It’s just currently quite complicated internally to switch between two different representations like this and keep it all fast and type stable. I think we’ll figure it out, but we’re also working on some other big internal refactorings, so it will just take some time to iron it all out.