CssMakieLayout.jl - reactive frontends with Makie


Makie is great for plotting, and WGLMakie goes one step further by making the plots interactive. However, both of them lack a styling freedom that can make the science simulations and plots more user-friendly, and easier to understand.

This is why I’ve created CssMakieLayout.jl.
CssMakieLayout is a library that helps with the development of reactive frontends by making it easier to use typical HTML/CSS tricks to layout multiple figures. It can be used alongside WGLMakie and JSServe.

I am a Julia novice, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. The library is not registered yet, and I am asking for comments about it, and advice on how to improve it.

Check out the CssMakieLayout Github Repo, but in the mean time here are some examples of what you can do with CssMakieLayout:




This looks awesome! Keep it up!