Creating an Electron App

I’m using Julia a bit out of it’s major domain, I wrote a small tool for processing PDFs with a small GUI. I’m using Electron for the GUI part and all in all it works quite well (if I ignore cold start delay).

However, when I create an app with PackageCompiler it also works fine on the same environment (same system and user), but when I try to launch it from another user’s account, I run into issues with absolute paths:

Warning: Error requiring `URIParser` from `FilePaths`
│   exception =
│    IOError: stat("/home/stefan/.julia/packages/FilePaths/ULnpu/src/uriparser.jl"): permission denied (EACCES)
Error launching app
Unable to find Electron app at /home/stefan/.julia/packages/Electron/pOy6n/src/main.js

Cannot find module '/home/stefan/.julia/packages/Electron/pOy6n/src/main.js'

To me those errors, failing to access resources in my home directory (one of them seems to be Electron), look like I’m doing something wrong in creating the app or the packages aren’t using artifact system of the julia package ecosystem.

Can somebody help me here? Are these known issues?

Thank You!