Creating a package for psycholgical experiments / tasks / assessment creation

I would like to create a module for allowing the easy creation of psychometric tasks.

The core features of such package would be:

  • Text & image displaying
  • Response (keyboard & mouse) collecting
  • Possibility of preloading images (or any “stimulus”) and rendering them at a precise moment

I would like it to have an analytical syntax similar to neuropsydia for python. For instance, in abstract code:

import X  # The module
X.start()  # Will create a window

answer, reaction_time = X.get_response()

X.close()  # Destroy window

My question is: What are your opinions about the best backend / framework to start something like this? OpenGL? GLFW? Makie.jl? Something else?

PS: I know that Weber exists already, yet its syntax / design makes it more suitable for psychophysics than cognitive assessment.