Creating a JuliaTeX group on github

I don’t know why you wouldn’t just make a PR?

Another interesting possibility would be a Julia plugin for TeXmacs
For example, TeXmacs already has plugins for R, Python, Maxima, Reduce, Fricas, Sage. Also, TeXmacs exports immediately to LaTeX.


Simply because I finished my BibTeX parser before knowing that your parser existed (I would have used yours if I knew …). As the structures of both are different (and some functionalities) it won’t be straightforward to merge them.
Also, I think taking into account functionalities, speed of (pre)compilation and execution and easiness to maintain is important.

I will prepare a test case for speed evaluation at some point next week and let you know the results. Is that OK?

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I’m actually glad someone is taking this on. I started out looking at it just for fun, but realized quickly that I’m not too invested in bibliography management. Hence why it remains unpublished. As far as the part I wrote, BibTeX.jl is rather slow and not fully featured. However, I think it would be not to reuse code that’s already written. The parts that stevengj wrote I think are very useful, and not just for BibTeX, but LaTex more generally.

I’ve started another thread here on the topic of TeXmacs/Julia interaction: TeXmacs plugin for Julia

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