Creating a function with utf

Is there a way how I can replace






instead? I would like to define a new postfix operator!

I think there is a way, but I’m not sure it’s really feasible.

One example of what you describe is the adjoint function and the ' postfix operator

Based on this post, the infix/postfix/… operators are detected in the parser. Looks like trans-op/ctrans-op refers to the adjoint mentioned above.

So, in principle, one could add more individual rules to parse the code and recognize postfix operators, but since x⁻¹ is otherwise just a normal variable name, I don’t think there is a way without hacking the parser…

I stand corrected, seems like you found the solution (I’ll link it here just for future reference):

A pretty neat example of what weird but cool things are possible :slight_smile:

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