Create Brachistochrone Comparison Animation

Hi all,

I want to know how to animate a moving scatter plot / circle form three different lines:

  1. Cycloid arc
  2. Straight line
  3. Steep curve

we can plot three different lines. Then how to move the circles from point A to point B?

like this:

Capture d’écran_2023-04-17_12-41-22

One possibility for animation and visualizations in Julia is Home · Javis.jl.

By the way, I think it is completely irrelevant in the question whether motion along straight lines or cycloidal arcs is to be animated. My humble advice is to keep only the essence of the question next time. Even the title is now misleading a bit – even people who are in the best position to answer may not read the post because they are not familiar with calculus of variations. And yet they do not even have to be in order to give advice with animations in Julia.