Create a Finance/Economics Domain?

Given that there are domains for things like Geo and Bio, I was wondering if it might be time to create a domain for things relevant to those that work in the finance and/or economics domain space? I think Julia is beginning to get much-deserved solid footing in the financial space and as such a domain here relevant to that purpose could be appropriate. Thoughts? I actually find it somewhat surprising that there isn’t such a domain yet, given that Julia Computing has a product specifically geared towards financial applications, and have several use cases published of where it is being used in the financial industry (Federal Reserve, BlackRock, etc).


Agreed that seems to be a domain that we are missing. Let’s hear some more voices, but I am generally in favor. The one counter-argument right now would be that there are only 4 posts as of right now with the tag economics.

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There would be no harm in it, but I don’t see a pressing need either. Econometrics questions fit in Statistics and Data, while Numerics, Optimization should cover most building blocks in numerical methods economists use. Modeling and Simulation would be a good fit questions about DSGE models, for example.

While some methods are specific to economics, most tools used by economists are very general. On a related note, sometimes fields get stuck with suboptimal methods because of historical reasons, so participating in more general discussions can be advantageous.


All very good points, particularly for economics/econometrics side of things. Agreed that most of those modeling techniques could easily fall under the umbrellas of other domains.

For the finance side of things, though, it may be helpful at some point to have a community discussion forum around computational considerations more uniquely relevant to that field. Perhaps now may be a bit premature, as I could well see many things also broadly falling under other domains like “Data”, though I could argue the same thing for domains like Bio and Geo.

Like @vchuravy said, would love to hear some more voices from the community about whether this would be helpful. Would be a real bummer to get it started and go mostly unused and just become clutter, but perhaps waiting for wider interest/adoption in the field?

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Please give more context.

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I just created and as usual the first post in About the Finance/Economics category is a wiki and can be edited by interested parties.

Thanks for creating the domain. Would it be possible to rename it to “Finance/Economics”?