CRC Failed : General.tar

The default packageservers are serving me a General.tar.gz with an invalid checksum.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Delete General.toml and General.tar.gz from .julia/registries
  • start julia, ]add BenchmarkTools
  • Observe an error like this:
(@v1.8) pkg> add BenchmarkTools
ERROR: CRC Failed : General.tar
ERROR: This does not appear to be a TAR file/stream — invalid version string for tar file: "r9". Note: Tar.jl does not handle decompression; if the tarball is compressed you must use an external command like `gzcat` or package like CodecZlib.jl to decompress it. See the README file for examples.


  • Start Julia with JULIA_PKG_SERVER=""

I confirmed General.tar has a bad checksum by trying to open it with 7z outside of Julia.

The forum won’t let me upload the faulty General.tar.gz I was sent, so here’s its SHA256 checksum: 7bb303e04f7a130ae728b5d514f6eebfb25aff9b6d1ce3462feadaa7c6639726

Cf. Package update broken · Issue #48989 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub