Crash when precompling, 0.7

A package I’m working on seems to crash Julia on loading. This happens every time:

julia> using MyPackage
[ Info: Precompiling MyPackage [13098b1d-c58a-59c4-bc25-08cc832316d6]

signal (11): Segmentation fault: 11
in expression starting at no file:0

I’ve tried reverting things as best I can (it was working a few hours ago…) but haven’t managed to isolate the bug yet, at all. Everything else seems to work fine.

Any suggestions on what to try? Are there log files which might have clues?

You can give git bisect a try if you’ve been somewhat consistent with committing. The way it works is by giving it a known bad commit (your current HEAD, I assume) and a known good commit (some past commit where you know it used to precompile and still does so) and it’ll do a binary search of commits between the good one and the bad one asking you if the commit it’s showing you works or not. You can test just by using the dev’ed package.

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Many thanks, that sounds useful. After messing around a bit more, I think the problem is not my code, but a package which got upgraded – using ExcelReaders is sufficient to cause a crash for me. I made an issue here: