Copy pasting to Julia cmd/Powershell in Windows


Hi all
I often use Atom for programming. But at times I prefer to use Julia through cmd or Powershell.
When I copy paste code, it sometimes happens that Julia shows a “ton of output”, as shown below

I am not sure whether this corresponds to all defined variables (and functions), it might be.

I think this happens when I copy paste some code with more ‘columns/width’ than the cmd window.

Is there any way I can avoid this?

I recall that this also happened with Notepad++ and that autohotkey plugin (which probably does nothing more than copy/paste through the clipboard).

!                              atand                           maximum
!=                             atanh                           maximum!
!==                            atexit                          maxintfloat
$                              atreplinit                      mean
%                              autocor                         mean!
&                              autocor!                        mean_and_cov
*                              autocov                         mean_and_std
+                              autocov!                        mean_and_var
-                              aweights                        meanad
.!=                            backtrace                       median
.%                             baremodule                      median!
.*                             base                            melt
.+                             base64decode                    meltdf
.-                             base64encode                    merge
./                             basename                        merge!
.//                            begin                           method_exists
.<                             besselh                         methods
.<<                            besselhx                        methodswith
.<=                            besseli                         mf
.==                            besselix                        middle
.>                             besselj                         midpoints
.>=                            besselj0                        mimewritable
.>>                            besselj1                        min
.\                             besseljx                        minabs
.^                             besselk                         minimum
.÷                             besselkx                        minimum!
.≠                             bessely                         minmax
.≤                             bessely0                        minw
.≥                             bessely1                        mkdir
/                              besselyx                        mkpath
//                             beta                            mktemp
:                              bfft                            mktempdir
<                              bfft!                           mod
<:                             bic                             mod1
<<                             big                             mod2pi
<=                             bin                             mode
==                             bind                            model_response
===                            binomial                        modes
=>                             bitbroadcast                    modf
>                              bitrand                         module
>:                             bits                            module_name
>=                             bkfact                          module_parent
>>                             bkfact!                         moment
>>>                            blkdiag                         msd
@MIME_str                      break                           mtime
@__DIR__                       brfft                           muladd
@__FILE__                      broadcast                       mutable struct
@__dot__                       broadcast!                      mv
@allocated                     broadcast_getindex              my_count
@assert                        broadcast_setindex!             myid
@async                         bswap                           names
@b_str                         by                              names!
@big_str                       bytes2hex                       names_and_levels
@boundscheck                   candMatWOMaxValues              nb_available
@cmd                           cat                             ncol
@code_llvm                     catalan                         ndigits
@code_lowered                  catch                           ndims
@code_native                   catch_backtrace                 new_size
@code_typed                    catch_stacktrace                next
@code_warntype                 cbrt                            nextfloat
@csv2_str                      ccall                           nextind
@csv_str                       cd                              nextpow
@data                          ceil                            nextpow2
@dateformat_str                cfunction                       nextprod
@deprecate                     cglobal                         nfields
@doc                           char_levels                     niter
@doc_str                       charwidth                       nnz
@edit                          checkbounds                     nobs
@elapsed                       checkindex                      nonunique
@enum                          chmod                           nonzeros
@eval                          chol                            norm
@evalpoly                      cholfact                        normalize
@everywhere                    cholfact!                       normalize!
@fastmath                      chomp                           normalize_string
@fetch                         chop                            normpath
@fetchfrom                     chosen_denom_col                nothing
@formula                       chosen_num_col                  notify
@functionloc                   chosen_trn_val_col              now
@generated                     chosen_weight_col               nprocs
@gensym                        chown                           nquantile
@goto                          chr2ind                         nrow
@html_str                      circcopy!                       ntoh
@inbounds                      circshift                       ntuple
@inline                        circshift!                      nullable!
@int128_str                    cis                             nulldeviance
@ip_str                        clamp                           nullloglikelihood
@label                         clamp!                          nullspace
@less                          cld                             num
@macroexpand                   clear!                          num2hex
@noinline                      clipboard                       num_levels
@parallel                      close                           numerator
@pdata                         cmp                             numeratortrn
@polly                         code_llvm                       numeratorval
@printf                        code_lowered                    nworkers
@profile                       code_native                     nzrange
@r_str                         code_typed                      object_id
@raw_str                       code_warntype                   oct
@s_str                         codeunit                        oftype
@schedule                      coef                            one
@show                          coefnames                       ones
@simd                          coeftable                       oneunit
@spawn                         collect                         open
@spawnat                       colon                           operm
@sprintf                       colwise                         order
@static                        combine                         ordinalrank
@sync                          compact                         ordschur
@task                          competerank                     ordschur!
@text_str                      complete_cases                  origrows
@threadcall                    complete_cases!                 outfileStringOnly
@time                          completecases                   outfilename
@timed                         completecases!                  pacf
@timev                         complex                         pacf!
@tsv_str                       cond                            padNA
@uint128_str                   condskeel                       padna
@v_str                         confint                         parent
@vectorize_1arg                conj                            parentindexes
@vectorize_2arg                conj!                           parse
@view                          connect                         pdaMod
@views                         const                           pdata
@which                         consume                         peakflops
@wsv_str                       contains                        percentile
@~                             continue                        permute
AIC                            conv                            permute!
AICc                           conv2                           permutedims
ANY                            convert                         permutedims!
ARGS                           copy                            pi
A_ldiv_B!                      copy!                           pinv
A_ldiv_Bc                      copysign                        pipeline
A_ldiv_Bt                      cor                             plan_bfft
A_mul_B!                       cor2cov                         plan_bfft!
A_mul_Bc                       corkendall                      plan_brfft
A_mul_Bc!                      corspearman                     plan_dct
A_mul_Bt                       cos                             plan_dct!
A_mul_Bt!                      cosc                            plan_fft
A_rdiv_Bc                      cosd                            plan_fft!
A_rdiv_Bt                      cosh                            plan_idct
AbstractArray                  cospi                           plan_idct!
AbstractChannel                cot                             plan_ifft
AbstractContrasts              cotd                            plan_ifft!
AbstractDataArray              coth                            plan_irfft
AbstractDataFrame              count                           plan_rfft
AbstractDataMatrix             count_ones                      pmap
AbstractDataVector             count_zero_or_missing_exposure  pointer
AbstractFloat                  count_zeros                     pointer_from_objref
AbstractHistogram              counteq                         poll_fd
AbstractMatrix                 countlines                      poll_file
AbstractRNG                    countmap                        polygamma
AbstractSerializer             countne                         pool
AbstractSet                    countnz                         pool!
AbstractSparseArray            counts                          pop!
AbstractSparseMatrix           cov                             popdisplay
AbstractSparseVector           cov2cor                         position
AbstractString                 cp                              powermod
AbstractUnitRange              createZipFile                   precision
AbstractVecOrMat               cross                           precompile
AbstractVector                 crosscor                        predict
AbstractWeights                crosscor!                       predict!
Ac_ldiv_B                      crosscov                        prep_data_from_df_modernized
Ac_ldiv_B!                     crosscov!                       prepare_dataframe_for_dtm!
Ac_ldiv_Bc                     crossentropy                    prepend!
Ac_mul_B                       csc                             prevfloat
Ac_mul_B!                      cscd                            prevind
Ac_mul_Bc                      csch                            prevpow
Ac_mul_Bc!                     ctime                           prevpow2
Ac_rdiv_B                      ctranspose                      primitive type
Ac_rdiv_Bc                     ctranspose!                     print
AnalyticWeights                cummax                          print_shortest
Any                            cummin                          print_with_color
ArgumentError                  cumprod                         println
Array                          cumprod!                        printtable
AssertionError                 cumsum                          process_exited
Associative                    cumsum!                         process_running
At_ldiv_B                      cumsum_kbn                      procs
At_ldiv_B!                     current_module                  prod
At_ldiv_Bt                     current_task                    prod!
At_mul_B                       custtypeis01                    produce
At_mul_B!                      cut                             promote
At_mul_Bt                      data                            promote_rule
At_mul_Bt!                     dataFilename                    promote_shape
At_rdiv_B                      datafolder                      promote_type
At_rdiv_Bt                     dawson                          proportionmap
BIC                            dct                             proportions
BLAS                           dct!                            psnr
Base                           dec                             push!
Base64DecodePipe               deconv                          pushdisplay
Base64EncodePipe               deepcopy                        put!
Bidiagonal                     default_worker_pool             pwd
BigFloat                       define_eltypevector             pweights
BigInt                         deg2rad                         qr
BinDeps                        delete!                         qrfact
BitArray                       deleteat!                       qrfact!
BitMatrix                      deleterows!                     quadgk
BitVector                      den                             quantile
Blosc                          denominator                     quantile!
Bool                           denominatortrn                  quit
BoostedTree                    denominatorval                  quote
BoundsError                    denserank                       r2
BufferStream                   describe                        rad2deg
C_NULL                         deserialize                     rand
CachingPool                    det                             rand!
CapturedException              detach                          randcycle
CartesianIndex                 deviance                        randexp
CartesianRange                 df                              randexp!
CategoricalArrays              df_prepped                      randi
Cchar                          df_residual                     randjump
Cdouble                        df_tmp                          randn
Cfloat                         diag                            randn!
Channel                        diagind                         randomw
Char                           diagm                           randperm
Cint                           dictGlobalSettings              randstring
Cintmax_t                      diff                            randsubseq
Clong                          digamma                         randsubseq!
Clonglong                      digits                          range
ClusterManager                 digits!                         rank
Cmd                            dirname                         rationalize
CodeInfo                       disable_sigint                  read
CoefTable                      display                         read!
Collections                    displayable                     read_rda
Colon                          displaysize                     readandwrite
Compat                         div                             readavailable
Complex                        divrem                          readbytes!
Complex128                     do                              readchomp
Complex32                      dof                             readcsv
Complex64                      dof_residual                    readdir
CompositeException             done                            readdlm
Conda                          dot                             readline
Condition                      download                        readlines
ConjArray                      dropna                          readlink
ConjMatrix                     droppedrows                     readstring
ConjVector                     dropzeros                       readtable
ContrastsCoding                dropzeros!                      readuntil
ConvergenceException           dump                            real
Core                           e                               realmax
Cptrdiff_t                     each_dropna                     realmin
Cshort                         each_failna                     realpath
Csize_t                        each_replacena                  recv
Cssize_t                       eachcol                         recvfrom
Cstring                        eachindex                       redirect_stderr
Cuchar                         eachline                        redirect_stdin
Cuint                          eachmatch                       redirect_stdout
Cuintmax_t                     eachrow                         redisplay
Culong                         ecdf                            reduce
Culonglong                     edit                            reducedim
Cushort                        eig                             reenable_sigint
Cwchar_t                       eigfact                         reim
Cwstring                       eigfact!                        reinterpret
DTM                            eigmax                          reload
DataArray                      eigmin                          relpath
DataArrays                     eigs                            rem
DataFrame                      eigvals                         rem2pi
DataFrameRow                   eigvals!                        remote
DataFrames                     eigvecs                         remote_do
DataMatrix                     else                            remotecall
DataStreams                    elseif                          remotecall_fetch
DataStructures                 eltype                          remotecall_wait
DataType                       eltypes                         removeBOM
DataVector                     empty!                          rename
Date                           end                             rename!
DateFormat                     endof                           renyientropy
DateTime                       endswith                        reorder
Dates                          entropy                         rep
DenseArray                     enumerate                       repeat
DenseMatrix                    eof                             replace
DenseVecOrMat                  eps                             replace!
DenseVector                    erf                             repmat
DevNull                        erfc                            repr
Diagonal                       erfcinv                         reprmime
Dict                           erfcx                           reset
DimensionMismatch              erfi                            reshape
Dims                           erfinv                          residuals
DirectIndexString              error                           resize!
Display                        esc                             result_of_runmodel
Distributed                    escape_string                   resulting_model
DivideError                    eta                             rethrow
Docs                           eu                              retry
DomainError                    eulergamma                      return
DummyCoding                    eval                            reverse
ENDIAN_BOM                     evalfile                        reverse!
ENV                            exit                            reverseind
EOFError                       exp                             rfft
EachDropNA                     exp10                           rle
EachFailNA                     exp2                            rm
EachLine                       expand                          rmprocs
EachReplaceNA                  expanduser                      rmsd
EffectsCoding                  expl                            rol
Enum                           expl_cat                        rol!
Enumerate                      expl_numeric                    rootfolder
ErrorException                 expm                            ror
Exception                      expm1                           ror!
ExponentialBackOff             exponent                        rot180
Expr                           export                          rotl90
FFTW                           extrema                         rotr90
Factorization                  eye                             round
FastPerm                       factorial                       rounding
FileIO                         factorize                       rowvals
FileMonitor                    false                           rpad
Float16                        falses                          rsearch
Float32                        fd                              rsearchindex
Float64                        fdio                            rsplit
Formula                        fetch                           rstrip

julia> x=2 #some of the code I copied and pasted


Is your x=2 indented? It looks like julia is parsing the input as TAB TAB, and therefore displays all the possible completions


While my example was not very good (it does not show the actual code I pasted), you are absolutely right.

My code in Notepad++ (or rather, my *.jl file) has tab indented lines.
Thus if I copy multiple lines, “I paste a tab” on an empty line.

Can I suppress the autocomplete triggered by tab in case I have not yet typed anything?

edit: I just checked, I actually need a double tab, to have julia show ‘that list of all possible names/commands’.


One way is to tell your editor to use spaces instead of tabs


thank you.