Converting an array of matrices into a gif

I have an array of 2d matrices and I would like to turn these into a gif. Each of the matrix has an entry from 1 to 8, denoting fixed states. I would like to specify a color for each state, so for example 1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is green and so on.

The context is an agent-based model of disease spread. Each matrix (100 x 100) represents a square grid environment of individuals and the elements represent the health status. I would like to visualize the spread of disease.

Does anyone have a Makie.jl, Images.jl or Reel.jl tutorial to do this?

My favourite way to do this is with Interact and Plots, which will give you an “interactive animation”. Use heatmap to do the actual plotting.

If you really want a gif, you can use @gif from Plots, but it’s slow in my experience.

Makie has a record function to do this.

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Interactivity is nice, but I want to email or host the gifs/webm figures. Plus how to do a heatmap with fixed colors?

using IndirectArrays, FileIO, Colors
idxarray = rand(1:3, 100, 100, 50);
colorarray = IndirectArray(idxarray, [colorant"red", colorant"purple", colorant"indigo"])
save("myanimation.gif", colorarray; fps=10)

(You need ImageMagick.jl for this.)


I am getting some errors with this… mainly that each matrix can have unique numbers from 0 to 8 (like in your example, each matrix will have a number from 1:3). Except, my matrices are little bit different. The “first” matrix is all zeros. The second matrix may have a 1 in there. The third matrix may have 0, 1, and 2… and so on. (Basically the matrices evolve over time).

If the first matrix is all zeros (or not exactly 9 unique elements), then I get the following error:

ERROR: BoundsError: attempt to access 10-element Array{RGB{N0f8},1} with eltype RGB{FixedPointNumbers.Normed{UInt8,8}}

In your example, if you just do idxarray[:, :, 1] = zeros(Int64, 100, 100) you will get the same error.

Since some of your entries are zero, you need to supply a lookup array that can be indexed with 0. Try OffsetArrays.