Converting a PyCall numpy ×3 Array{UInt8, 3} to RGB

Hey guys, I use the NumPy per PyCall to get screenshots of my desktop.

I get these images back as 1440×3440×3 Array{UInt8, 3}

Discord user borodi#9175 already shared a function of him that converts this array to a BGR.

opencvtojulia(abc) = BGR.(reinterpret.(N0f8,abc[:,:,3]),reinterpret.(N0f8,abc[:,:,2]),reinterpret.(N0f8,abc[:,:,1]))

Because it changes a lot of colors to the wrong ones i have to fix something in it.

Has somebody an idea how to get RGB images from this function or what else can get me RGB?

Thanks for your help!

The precise steps may depend on your data (e.g., RGB vs BGR; Julia supports both), but this demo may get you started:

julia> using PyCall, ImageCore, ImageView

julia> si = pyimport("")
PyObject <module '' from '/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/skimage/data/'>

julia> dat = pycall(si.rocket, PyArray);

julia> img = reinterpretc(RGB{N0f8}, PermutedDimsArray(dat, (3, 1, 2)));

julia> imshow(img)

ImageCore has an extensive set of composable no-copy operations for reinterpreting the meaning of raw data; with them, you should be able to do anything you want. Please see the docs at ImageCore.jl · ImageCore


Wow! Thanks what a great solution!

reinterpretc(RGB{N0f8}, PermutedDimsArray(dat, (3, 1, 2))); solves it alone!

Many thanks!