Convert "Time of the day" to Total Minute or Total Second

tt = Time(now()) --> give me a time, e.g. 2 hour, 10 minute, 5 second,

What is the most efficient / elegant way to convert it to Total Minutes? i.e. 2 * 60 + 10 = 130 (either Int or Float or Minute)

Of coz I can manually do Minute(tt) + 60* Hour(tt), but it is not generic enough…
Because I need to write a seperate function to get Total Hours, Total Second, Total Milisecond etc…

You could do something like

julia> current_time_length(x, period) = Dates.toms(x - floor(x, Day))/Dates.toms(period)
current_time_length (generic function with 1 method)

julia> current_time_length(now(), Second(1))

julia> current_time_length(now(), Hour(1))
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Internally, Time values are kept as a number of Nanoseconds, and, internally, Nanoseconds are kept as Int64 values. Assuming you want the corresponding complete (whole) Minutes, integer division div is the appropriate operation. The Dates package uses Minute(x::Time) to isolate the minutes from e.g the hours, the seconds of a time. We do not want to override that; using Base.convert is a clean approach because Dates does not define that and the meaning matches the action.

using Dates

const NanosecondsPerSecond = 1_000_000_000
const NanosecondsPerMinute = 60 * NanosecondsPerSecond 

Base.convert(::Type{Minute}, x::Time) = 
  Minute(div(x.instant.value, NanosecondsPerMinute))

with that

julia> tt = Time(now())

julia> convert(Minute, tt)
644 minutes