ContourPlot3D (surface) in Julia

I am trying to plot the 3D surface given by the zero of a function. I have a complicated function given by

function mcl(Y,w)

Where Y is a 2-element Array{Int64,1} and w is a real number. For example


I would like to plot the 3D-surface given by mcl(Y,w) = 0.
I searched in several threads but didn’t find any similar resolution.

Maybe this package can help
Here is some glue code CalculusWithJulia.jl/implicit_equation.jl at master · jverzani/CalculusWithJulia.jl · GitHub

Otherwise, please see IntervalConstraintProgramming.jl/ at master · JuliaIntervals/IntervalConstraintProgramming.jl · GitHub which should also be more than up to the task


Fyi, this stackoverflow post provides a smart solution to this problem, the results look good and the idea seems simple enough to port to Julia.

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