Contourplot on a Sphere in Makie.jl

I recently tried to get started with Makie, since I love the approach and it seems to be fairly huge in features. However, I sometimes struggle in details

I have some data on a sphere, let’s say I have a function F defined on the sphere. Is there a good way to get a contour-plot on a sphere?

using Makie, Colors, LinearAlgebra
A = [8.0 1.0 6.0; 3.0 5.0 7.0; 4.0 9.0 2.0]
A = A + A'
A = A ./ opnorm(A)
F(p) = p' * A * p

lat = range(-π, π; length = 101)
lon = range(-π/2, π/2; length = 101)
spherical_to_euclidean(θ, φ) = [sin(θ) * cos(φ), sin(θ) * sin(φ), cos(θ)]
data = [F(spherical_to_euclidean(θ, φ)) for θ in lat, φ in lon]

Then of course a really neat function for a contour plot is

contour3d(lat, lon, data, levels = 11, color = :black, linewidth = 1)

but it’s open the 2D surface (and I would love to combine that with filled surface),
but I would like to have this on a sphere, so maybe for

mesh_x = [spherical_to_euclidean(θ, φ)[1] for θ in lat, φ in lon]
mesh_y = [spherical_to_euclidean(θ, φ)[2] for θ in lat, φ in lon]
mesh_z = [spherical_to_euclidean(θ, φ)[3] for θ in lat, φ in lon]

a contour function that takes 4 arguments (the meshes and the data). Does something like this exist? That would really be nice. This matrix Ashould in the end resemble the contours from just to give an example what I am aiming for.

edit: It would already be cool to get a fine sampling of the contours from contours I think, then I could spherical_to_euclidean those and use a heat map additionally.