Connecting to sybase ase databases

I have an interest in attempting to use Julia with a sybase database. Just looking for some ideas on if this might be possible / impossible or more of a challenge than its worth. Anyone with experience attempting this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

I think I may have found a possibility here:

I know how to make these connections with the Java driver, so maybe this would be as easy as using what I’ve done before and wrapping it with this. Again, same question - anyone have experience with this? Anything to watch out for?

So far, I have been successful in utilizing Oracle and Snowflake databases via PyCall. I would imagine that accessing Sybase would be relatively easy as well.

Might be of interest as well. Between jdbc and odbc you should be able to make something work.

Yes I think this might be the simplest way to go right now. My only concern is with “wrapping” something like the JVM or even a mini python - will that introduce more trouble than its worth? But I suppose if it’s only the data I’m concerned with, and this is simply providing it so all the benefits of Julia can be used, in the end that would be worthwhile.

I’ll give this a try and see how it goes. Thanks for the help!

Using JDBC is pretty easy, so long as you have a JVM installed on your machine.

JDBC uses JavaCall, which loads up an in process JVM, and makes calls using JNI (the Java Native Interface) so it’s pretty stable.

If your infrastructure doesn’t normally install a JVM, then it might be too annoying. But otherwise, JDBC.jl is really one of the simplest ways of connecting to databases where we do not have a native julia driver.

This is kind of key here, to me - given a choice, sybase wouldn’t be my first choice of DB to work with. But under the circumstances, and because it’s possible in this case to have a jvm around, this is the most straightforward way to do it.