Connect to private network: HTTP.jl vs Requests.jl

I’m playing around with a little script that pings a device on my home network at IP address Using Requests.jl, accessing the device via Requests.get("") works fine. But with HTTP.jl, HTTP.get("") gives ERROR: RetryException: # of allowed retries (3) was exceeded when making request.

I assume this is a simple configuration problem, some setting in the HTTP.jl default client or whatnot, but I’m not sure since I clearly know approximately nothing about the Web.

How should I get this working using HTTP.jl?


Hey @evanfields!

Mind opening an issue here ? Happy to take a look and try to figure out what’s going on here. At a first glance, there’s no port specified, which may or may not be getting defaulted in HTTP.jl. If not, I can certainly take a look at how we can make sure a default port is provided, but an easy way to check if that is indeed the case would be to try HTTP.get(""). I think we can also improve the error handling here when throwing a RetryException to also include the errors encountered during the tries. (It’s a new feature as of the last release, so still trying to make it as useful as possible).

Okay issue opened, thanks. It wasn’t just a missing port number.