Confusing results when searching documentation, 1.3.1

Searching the 1.3.1 documentation for “closure” yields 16 results, one of which is the “Closures” section. Searching for “closures” or “Closures” gives 14 results, which do not contain the section. If desired, I can make a PR.

Have you tried the developer version?
It is getting better I think.

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Great! Thanks!

As a suggestion for additional improvements, I find that discussion of mutating functions (those that end with !) is pretty hard to locate. It’s under!-to-names-of-functions-that-modify-their-arguments-1, but this seems like a pretty important feature to not have a more specific entry.

This is not a feature of the language though. Appending ! to a functions name will not magically make it mutate its argument, it’s merely a style choice to inform users of the function to be aware of the fact that the function they’re calling is implemented in such a way as to mutate its arguments.


While technically true, is a pretty strong language convention. It’s used throughout Base, the standard library, and most of the major packages. In other words,

Has a lot of merit.

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