CondaPkg error

I’ve been getting errors like this lately, from CondaPkg:

critical libmamba filesystem error: cannot copy symlink: Operation not permitted [~/.julia/scratchspaces/0b3b1443-0f03-428d-bdfb-f27f9c1191ea/root/pkgs/libstdcxx-ng-12.3.0-h0f45ef3_0/lib/] [~/some_project/.CondaPkg/env/lib/]

Any idea where this could come from?

This is happening when pre-compiling a package that uses PythonCall and CondaPkg. I can post a full stack-trace if people thing it can be useful.

What is your operating system? Does deleting the scratchspace and trying again help? Do you have sufficient free disk space? Which file system do you use?

OS: Linux (WSL on Windows 11)
Sufficient disk space: Yes
Filesystem: NTFS

I will try deleting the scratch-space and report here.
But the issue is that this error has been popping up frequently, in different systems. So there could be some bug that is corrupting something.