Conda.add("numpy") fails

from Julia is fast! | JuliaAcademy
trying too run “9 Julia is fast.ipynb”
had to add
ENV[“PYTHON”] = “c:/Users//anaconda3/python.exe”
to cell 30.
cell 37 fails
using Pkg; Pkg.add(“Conda”)
using Conda
Conda.add(“numpy”) # cell 37

failed process: Process('C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\installer.exe' /S --no-shortcuts /NoRegistry=1 /AddToPath=0 /RegisterPython=0 '/D=C:\Users\camar\.julia\conda\3', ProcessExited(2)) [2]


ENV[“PYTHON”] = """PyCall")

Will sort out a Conda install.

Note that you have to restart Julia after re-building PyCall

The notebook is here Introduction-to-Julia/9 - Julia is fast.ipynb at main · JuliaAcademy/Introduction-to-Julia · GitHub Neither ENV[“PYTHON”] = “” or restarting after building PyCall worked, got the same error.