Concatenating bit strings

Say I have a bit string x = UInt(1) (which is 0x01) and y = UInt(2) (which is 0x02).

Is there a way to concatenate these bit strings using something like x * y so that the resulting bit string would represent 0x01 0x02 and occupy two bytes in memory?

I would like to simply concatenate these two bit strings and use the result as a key to a dictionary, but would rather not allocate an array for it because I do it many times.

julia> UInt128(0x01) << 64 | UInt128(0x02)

Of course, you could use smaller sized values if your largest expected bit strings fit.


Thanks!!! A followup question: Is UInt128 the largest a bit string can be?

You can use a BitVector if you want a larger type. (For larger strings, the CPU will have to process the bit string in chunks, but BitVector mostly hides this from you.)


If you are happy with UInt128 then great, but that is 16 bytes and you wanted 2 bytes…which would be something like:

UInt16(UInt(1) << 8 | UInt(2))
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