Complex Number Support in NLSolve

What is the scope of complex number support in NLSolve?

I found an example in this issue,

using NLsolve

function f!(x, fvec)
    fvec[1] = (x[1]+3)*(x[2]^3-7)+18
    fvec[2] = sin(x[2]*exp(x[1])-1)

function g!(x, fjac)
    fjac[1, 1] = x[2]^3-7
    fjac[1, 2] = 3*x[2]^2*(x[1]+3)
    u = exp(x[1])*cos(x[2]*exp(x[1])-1)
    fjac[2, 1] = x[2]*u
    fjac[2, 2] = u

nlsolve(f!, g!, [ 0.1+im; 1.2])

Which seems to be resolved. However throws this error,

ERROR: BoundsError: attempt to access 2-element Array{Complex{Float64},1} at index [1, 2]

in julia v1.4, NLsolve v4.3