Compiling a LightJulia version

Julia is amazing!
I am in love with it!!!

ok, there are too many Math inside and too many features for a “common” like “minimal” use, like in the web. just the bare minimal…

There is a way to “remove” undesirable packages, maybe compiling it by ourselves with some (many…) params like --without-math-extras --withou… --without …, like a slack way of compiling things?


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Are you thinking of something more like Python, where you are required to import more things before using them? I’m sort of in favor of that. But, at this point, it would be difficult to achieve. You’d have to make your own fork of Julia and it would break packages. It imagine this topic will be considered for Julia v2.0.

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imho: in Julia 1.8: ~slim binary expected ; see this merged PR

If you are interested for other compiler work ( ~ in the roadmap )
check the video


the “standard” way, at least in web circles, is compiler dead code elimination:

or in other words, what you don’t use you don’t pay for


thats why I love Julia!!!